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VTrans proposed fix for tight Main St.-Maple St. turn

By Shawn Cunningham © 2015 Telegraph Publishing, LLC Ryan Darling of VTrans has approached the town of Chester with the idea of fixing the corner of Maple and Main streets where trucks have difficulty turning to go north on Route 103, Town Manager David Pisha told the Chester Select Board at its Wednesday, Aug. 19 […]

Commentary: Save Yosemite Firehouse, save Chester’s history

By Cynthia Prairie ©2015 Telegraph Publishing LLC This past weekend Chester memorialized  the late Merritt Edson with a stone monument on the Green. Edson, a Chester resident and Marine Corps general who won a Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in World War II, was also the founder of the Vermont State Police, which […]

Grafton Select Board OKs liquor license for new market owners, allows Fire Department to use FEMA house for rescue exercise

By Cynthia Prairie ©2015 Telegraph Publishing LLC On Monday Aug. 17, the Grafton Select Board met in the picturesque Town Hall for the first time in more than a year since the meeting moved to the Grafton Elementary School. At that brief, 19-minute meeting, it found a useful purpose for a FEMA house and began […]

After final testimony on traffic and architecture, Chester DRB closes Jiffy Mart hearings

By Shawn Cunningham ©2015 Telegraph Publishing LLC It was dueling experts on traffic and Chester’s architectural character as the Development Board of Review held its final meeting on a Jiffy Mart proposed for the corner of Pleasant and Main streets in Chester on Monday, Aug. 10. The hearing began with board chair Carla Westine acknowledging […]

Chester Select Board sets 2nd water project vote, Chase seeks purchasing, conflict of interest policy review

By Shawn Cunningham © 2015 Telegraph Publishing LLC In an odd bit of legal theater recommended by a bonding attorney who does work for the state, the members of the Chester Select Board met on Wednesday night as the Chester Water Commissioners. The purpose of the meeting was to arrive at the conclusion that the […]

Chester Select Board votes to repave Common with economic development dollars

By Shawn Cunningham © 2015 Telegraph Publishing LLC At an early morning special meeting on Monday Aug. 10, the Chester Select Board voted 3-0 to accept a $30,000 bid from Pike Industries to plane and pave Common Street next to the town Green. The board then voted 3-1 to take the the money for the […]