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The Chester Telegraph came to fruition following the creation of a website – www.chestervermont.org — that was funded in part by a grant from the USDA-Rural Development. The website and other campaigns were used to drive traffic into Chester, Vermont during the reconstruction of two major bridges in the spring and summer of 2011. But it was also used to get important information out to the residents of Chester, second-homeowners and tourists.
Chestervermont.org is filled with lots of information about the more than 100+ businesses — from art galleries to bookstores to inns and restaurants — and charitable organizations in town. Just about every business is mapped for your convenience. And there is also an extensive calendar of events. Some people use the site to find out what is happening in town — either through the massive Calendar listings or by going directly to the business listings, under Explore Chester. Others use it as a phone book. But just about everyone reads the Around the Town blog, which updates people on town news and events in a more complete manner.

Early on, it became obvious that there was a great need for an outlet for Chester news and information in conjunction to what Chestervermont.org could offer. The founders of the website began to report news that was happening in the town. And people began to respond with comments about the issues in a civil and open manner.

The Chester Telegraph is our attempt to meet the need for a more complete reporting of the news and events that are happening in Chester.

Why the ‘Telegraph?’

The logo created for Chestervermont.org incorporated the Chester Depot, a marvelously iconic symbol of Chester’s growth. In the history of the United States, telegraph lines were placed along railroad lines since rights of way had already been given. It just seemed apropos.

Please feel free to comment below or on the Contact Us Page. We love to hear from our readers.

Copyrighted material

All copy and images generated by any staff, freelance or contract employee for the use of The Chester Telegraph is deemed owned by The Chester Telegraph and is herein copyrighted to The Chester Telegraph. Republication, copying or reprinting for any use but personal is prohibited.

Cynthia Prairie

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2 comments on “About The Telegraph

  1. Cynthia Prairie on said:

    Hi Wanda, The Chester Telegraph is an online only newspaper. We publish our stories Sundays through Wednesday mornings, when we send out our newsletter to alert more than 450 subscribers to that free service. We also post to Facebook, where our fan base is 1,440+ and growing. We hope you continue to take advantage of this convenient way to get your local news.
    Cynthia Prairie

  2. wanda eubank on said:

    Are you available only online? Can’t wait to see it.

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